- provide education
- food
- medical attention
- a happier life
- friendship
- and hope to the neediest of children

Goody Goodies

Goody Goodies' goal is provide a meaningful vehicle for youth advocacy to provide assistance to children who have suffered a loss. Through the sale of fair trade products, presentations, and workshops Goody Goodies raises awareness and funds to:





How Goody Goodies got started

Macallan Durkin (born 02-08-95) lived in Botswana Africa for almost three years. While she was there, she saw a great many animals and was even lucky enough to raise a few wild ones. These animals had no mother to care for them, so Macallan, with the help of some knowledgeable adults at animal sanctuaries, raised a baby warthog, a baby duiker, a few baby ostrich, cheetahs, owls, and several chameleons. One day, Macallan noticed some children digging through garbage cans eating scraps of food. She asked her mother what they were doing and was told they were hungry. Macallan wondered why there were places for homeless, orphaned animals, but not for children. Since her mother did not have a good answer for her, they both kept this idea near their hearts until now.

See a video Macallan made about Goody Goodies


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